We operate in the knowledge that society, environment and economy are interdependent and therefore shapes our work.

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We help businesses make informed decisions about risk.  We help businesses evolve to address an ever changing threat landscape.

The environments in which Businesses operate are constantly evolving. No business can afford to stand still.

Threats to businesses’ that were science fiction as little as five years ago are now a reality. The list of standards businesses must comply with grows ever longer. New technologies such as tablets and smart phones provide huge business opportunities, but come with risks that need to be addressed.

At Secology, we help businesses embrace these challenges and opportunities, while addressing and making informed decisions about risk. We help businesses evolve to address their ever changing threat landscape.

As recruitment specialists in IT Security, Risk & Compliance Management, Identity Management and IT Management Solutions, our aim is to ensure our clients are skilled with the expertise they need to integrate their security requirements for the future success of their organisations. Secology has an in-depth knowledge of information security practices, solutions and systems and our commitment to sharing our expertise, knowledge and experience with our clients is key to our success.

Locally owned and staffed, Secology’s team pride themselves on their professionalism, client knowledge, high level of service and quality of work. Secology is committed to working with top tier organisations with large IT departments who need to engage specialised IT Security Specialists regularly and quickly to compliment, expand and grow their teams.

Nature is made up of systems that are nested within systems. Each individual system is an integrated whole and — at the same time — part of larger systems. All living things in an ecosystem are interconnected through networks of relationship. They depend on this web of life to survive.” Fritjof Capra.